Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sorry Obama but Women Desire Real Men, Not Metrosexuals

by One Vike

For the last decade, American men have been inundated with the idea that women prefer men who are in touch with their feminine side, men who are not afraid to spend a little extra time in front of the mirror, and maybe even wear a little make up to highlight the features of their face. We are told that men like John Kerry and Barack Obama are what women really want. Men who are not only unashamed of their femininity, but men who will even go so far as to display such faith in their feminism in public as Obama has time and time again.

Well, please allow me to set the record straight, because it seems that Al Gore, John Kerry, and Barack Obama are really not the type men that turn the ladies on. I found this survey from a deodorant company that inherently, just makes sense to me. I had not heard of this survey before now, but I have read numerous reports in Australian and European papers about it. I'd link you to the survey itself, if only I could find it, but like many polls and surveys it has disappeared within a few months. As I stated, most of my facts about this survey have been gleaned from information I could attain from the many articles written about the results. I must admit that I'm delighted with the findings, for me they make total sense. My guess is that the MSM would rather the men of America continue believing that women desire the kind of feminine men that currently occupy the White House. However, the way companies advertise their products proves that the following results of this survey must be true.

In an independent study commissioned by Lynx deodorant, 2800 women from 14 countries ranging from the ages of 18-34 were asked what they like in men. It turns out that 80% of women would rather have a man who is capable of being "sensitive without losing his masculinity". Women, it turns out, are not much into the sensitive new-age guy. They want a man who can light their fires and put them out simultaneously, while not hogging the mirror. A clear 65% of the women polled in this survey said that seeing a man dolling himself up in front of a mirror is actually depressing to them. Woman want men to take care of themselves, but not to the extreme that the metrosexual male has taken it to so that the women are the ones waiting to go on the date.

So while Hollywood has attempted to sell us the idea that the women of the world want men who are more feminine, fact is, women want a man that is physically strong and sexually substantial. It would seem that women are tired of the boring metrosexual man who leads a frantic lifestyle while spending too much time on the internet. The woman of today prefers a man who will talk to them on the phone and ask them out on a date, instead of the insensitive heartless trivial text messaging of the metrosexual city dweller. The survey also shows that 72% of the women polled prefer a man who is confident, strong, and knows what he wants. Here that you moderate mugwumps?

What women really want is a man who has masculine qualities yet still understands the needs of modern-day women. It seems that women are beginning to complain about men who are feminine, and instead, are beginning to choose partners with a more masculine image. They actually like the cowboy type of men, hello George Bush, goodbye Obama. Also, unlike the mantra you here from the feminists and Hollywood, women do not want to erase the differences that distinguish them from the masculine male. Women want to get back to the good old days when men treated women like ladies. So feel free to open door and pull back the chair for your lady gentleman, because that is what they truly want.

The survey also suggests that women are more attracted to men who are simply stronger both physically and sexually then they are. Believe it or not, 85% of the women surveyed said that they would be easily tempted with a passionate kiss of a strong man, and that they admired a man's straight-forwardness about his intentions. It turns out that women of today are just like our mothers and grandmothers were, they believe a man is supposed to take the initiative, and be what God made men to be.

So men, if you love your woman, and you want her to know it, then grab her during a moment of passion and give her a kiss to let her know how you feel about her. Because quite frankly, the way I see it, the way real men were portrayed in the old movies is what today's woman truly desires.


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