Saturday, February 20, 2010

Handicapped Bear & A Quadriplegic Man, Proof the World Doesn't Need Socialism

Cartoonist, John Callahan
by OneVike

No one really knows who took this video of a 3 legged black bear, except that it was possibly taken in the Canadian wilderness. I have been told by some reputable sources, that some thought they had actually found the elusive Sasquatch. Unfortunately for those who continue to believe in the story of Big Foot, what they actually found was a mother black bear who had either been born with only one front leg or lost it in a fight at a younger age. When watching this video you will be struck by the almost human aspect of the bear as it walks around upright.

Another thing I would bet you will come away with, is a feeling of sadness for the mother bear. However, the lesson you should glean from this video is that just because a person, or an animal, is handicapped does not mean they are helpless. This bear shows that even the handicapped can survive in the wild with out any extra help from others. Now only if we humans just quit trying to inflict our feelings of sorrow and uselessness upon those who are handicapped, maybe they won't feel the need to depend upon others as much as we make them feel.

When I first watched this video it reminded me of the comic writer John Callahan, who is not your normal everyday run of the mill comic writer. See, that's because John is a quadriplegic who has done what liberals said is impossible with out their help. Instead of putting his hands out for the crumbs from the liberals table, John defied the odds of what many thought he would be able to accomplish. He wasn't always the self sufficient person he is now, fact is John started drinking when he was a teen because he thought it was the best way to deal with the emotional trauma of being sexually abused. He has been quoted as saying,

“I used the alcohol to hide the pain of the abuse”.

His drinking lasted a long time, and in 1972 at the age of 21, he was in a car accident that left him in a wheel chair as a quadriplegic. It would be another six years before he was able to push the bottle away for good and become something no one thought he would ever become. At 27 years old John began a new career, a career as a comic writer. Eventually he would become an accomplished cartoonist, artist, and musician who is known worldwide for the way he deals with the subject of physical disabilities. Among the numerous books he has had published are, "Will the Real John Callahan Please Stand Up?", and, "Don't Worry, He Won't Get far on Foot". Looking at the hate mail he receives will show that not everyone appreciates his sometimes raunchy but always humorous writings. His biggest detractors are the liberals who's take offense to the way he makes fun those with a disability. However, as a politically incorrect comic writer, Callahan has said time and time again that those who fail laugh at their own misfortune, will just continue to be angry and never succeed in life.

He even gets gruff from some who think the government can do more for you then you can do for yourself, which is another aspect of life that John makes fun of. He has made quite a good living
off making fun about the way America has become politically correct. His ultimate success has been the way he proved that anyone can become independent and self sufficient with out help from the likes of Obama and other Socialists who only destroy the human spirit.

The way I see it, if a three legged black bear, and a quadriplegic man can make it with out a multi trillion dollar program to support them, well then I believe that perfectly healthy hard working Americans all over this country will survive just fine with out Obama taking over 1/7th of the American economy in the name of compassion. What Callahan and this bear have in common is something that liberals just cannot comprehend, and that is a desire to survive with out any outside assistance. They have both overcome their limitations by surprising the world around them. When you think about it, the only disabilities we have in life are the limitations we allow others to impose upon us. Well, I hope you enjoy this short video of a black bear that actually does not realize she is handicapped.


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