Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Extreme Terrorist Group, "Sea Shepherd" Takes Financial Hit With the Sinking of their Batmobile Boat

By OneVike

There is a war going on in the Antarctic, a war over the whales. This fish war has become increasingly dangerous for those involved, as more then just nasty words during a protest are being exchanged lately. This war has tempers flaring, nations accusing each other of maleficence, and boats crashing into each other like what happened when the Yushin Maru 3 crashed into the more aggressive Bob Barker this past Sunday on February 7th. This on the heels of the activist group's pride speed boat being sunk just last month on its maiden voyage. In that mishap the angry meddlesome activists found out what it's like to swim in the frigid waters of the Antarctica. The Activist groups spokesperson admits in a phone interview;

"It handicaps us, it's a two million dollar hit on our organization, plus it takes away our fast interceptor vessel but this is a war, and we have many wealthy benefactors who will gladly pony up more money to support our war effort against these murderers,"

Yes it is a war, one that features the controversial, and violent environmental and animal rights activist group calledThe Sea Shepherd Conservation Group as the aggressor. An organization by the way that many have rightfully classified as a terrorist organization, after all it is the navy arm of the extremist group, Earth First. A claim that was made by its Sea Shepherd's founder, director and still current member of Earth First, Paul Watson himself.

On the other side of this war we have the age old traditional Japanese whaling industry that just wants to do what it is legally doing. However, the violent Sea Shepherds are vowing to do all they can to stop the Japanese whaling fleet from fishing for whales. In their arsenal is such tools as the multimillion dollar ship named after it benefactor, Bob Barker, and up until last month the 1.5 million dollar, bullet proof, Batmobile speed boat, named Ady Gil.

What these activists do is interrupt the whaling fleet by using an arsenal of weapons that sounds timid but can actually cause bodily harm and even death, like "prop foulers", that can destroy the propellers leaving the ship dead in the water and at the mercy of the ever changing weather patterns Antarctic Ocean. There are the harmless sounding, , methocel (slippery bombs) that can actually cause bodily harm and death if a fisherman slips and hit his head, or falls over board in the frigid waters of the Antarctic. Then they like to hurl packets of smelly foods such as rancid butter and other food items at the fishermen. The spoiled food is used in the hopes that they will get lucky and hit a fisherman in the mouth and get him sick from food poisoning. (by the way, the last time I checked that is what the left call biological warfare) After all, if a crew member is too sick to work then it makes it more difficult to get the job done. The terrorists have even adopted the whalers only tool of defense, the water cannon.

This terrorist group has a history of violence that has left a path of destruction as it continues to intimidate those they have declared their enemies. Their violent history even includes, illegally pirating and scuttling two whaling vessels in the Icelandic harbor. All this, and more, in an attempt stop the Japanese fishermen from doing what is legal. Their founder Paul Watson, is a long time socialist, and extreme environmental and animal rights activist. He was a member of Greenpeace and also involved with and still coordinates activities with such extreme groups as PETA, the Seirra Club and "Earth First". He has even dubbed his group the navy for Earth First, and has vowed to continue his illegal harassment of whaling;

"It does not matter where they go, east or west along the Antarctic Coast, we intend to stick to their rear like glue and we will not allow a single whale to be loaded onto the decks of that foul floating abattoir. We intend to turn these three whaling-free days into three whaling-free weeks. We are confident that once again we will severely cut their kill quotas and we will once again negate their profits."

Back on the other side of this war we have the last fleet in the world that still hunts whales, a Japanese whaling fleet of six ships. This fleet is allowed to hunt the whales in the Antarctic, because they are listed under the International Whaling Commission as part of a scientific whaling program. However, just to defend themselves against the more aggressive activists, they find themselves forced to use water cannons and sonar devices to disorient the aggressive activists. They even need a seperate ship just to defend the less protected whaling ships from the attacks of the terrorists.

There has been many confrontations over the years in this ongoing war over the big fish. This terrorist group has been able to tap the pockets of the many wealthy backers from Hollywood actors, musicians, socialist philanthropists like George Soros and many other social activists from around the world. This money enables the radical anti human group to spend millions of dollars on boats that can run circles around the larger and slower whaling ships, with the purpose of inflicting crippling and permanent damage to them. They will even proudly admit that the lives of humans are expendable in their battle to save any and all animals from harm. Watson himself coined the term "AIDS of the Earth" as a reference to humans and what he thinks if us. Through the years these and other groups have pushed the Japanese whalers to the point of extinction. However, as you will see in this video they lost a battle and it cost them dearly. While collisions are expected as far as the Sea Shepherds are concerned, they never expected to lose their 1.5 million dollar prize possession the Ady Gil, in its first battle.

In this video you will see what happened when the aggressive activists attempted to force the whalers from doing their job, and the Shonan Maru No.2 clipped the nose of the record setting speed boat. The way I see it, the Japanese are just trying to continue doing what their ancestors have done for generations. It's the animal rights activists that are in the wrong, and if they get hurt or killed while protesting in such a dangerous way then it is their own fault. I do find it quite humorous that the activists only have enough fuel to continue their protest for another month before the tanks in their boats go dry. Unfortunately for theses environmental friendly hypocrites, the Bob Barker and Steve Irwin are not like the Ady Gil was. See the Ady Gil ran on 100 per cent renewable biodiesel fuel, and left a net zero carbon footprint, when it was alive that is. Gee, what kind of foot print do you think it's putting on the bottom of the Ocean?

Well, I have spliced together video taken by the terrorists on the Bob Barker, and video filmed by the Japanese fisherman on the Shonan Maru No.2, the Ady Gil became nothing more than human junk on the Ocean floor.


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