Saturday, September 26, 2009

Indoctrinating Our Children, Goal #41 of the Communist Takeover Document of 1963


 by One Vike
By now many of you have seen this video of children praising Obama. It was posted to YouTube just two days before Obama's speech to students, which makes me wonder if it was part of some school’s festivities for the screening. This video justifies the fears many parents have that their kids are being politically indoctrinated by the school system. It is not the first video we have seen where school children have been used to praise Obama by Teachers.
Check out this video that compares what these children are being taught to do and what children in totalitarian countries are trained to do. Now, even if this was not sanctioned by the school system, it is definitely proof of a mindset withing the confines of many schools across this country. That mindset is a socialist mind set bent on destroying the very fabric of this nation. Part of the tune for the song these children are singing is from the the song, “Jesus Loves the Little Children”. Then it closes with a song about Obama using the tune from the classic Christian Hymnal, “Battle Hymn of the Republic”.

This Orwellian idea of turning children into mind numb robots for the state is not new. Many do not know what Hitler did with the children in the 1930s, because instead of teaching history the schools teach leftist indoctrination courses on why we should feel bad for being who we are. In the 1930s Hitler's Nazi Party (the real name translates to National Socialist Party) did what the teachers and instructors in these videos are doing today. In this video you will see what this kind of sycophant worshiping of a leader by those controlling our children's education can lead to, because it is the same that happened the Hitler Youth League.
Recently, Al Gore made news by telling school children not to listen to their parents because there are some things about our world that you know that older people don't know. He then compared parents who don't believe in global warming with those in the 1960's who were against the civil rights movement. So now we are to believe that children are the keepers of wisdom?
This is what happens when socialists are allowed to run a muck. In 1942 Mordechai Chaim Rumkowski told his fellow Ghetto Jews, "Give Me Your Children" in a famous speech that defined the evil truth about Hitlers Germany. Now I am not claiming that Obama and his socialist sycophants want to put our children into ovens, but they do want their minds. When a prominent leader and former Presidential Candidate tells children not to listen to their parents, then I start paying real close attention to the things they are doing with our children.

For those who have been brought up in today's public school system, what I am showing you here is new, but it happened on January 10, 1963. On that day the United States Senate began reviewing a document entitled “Communist Goals for Taking Over America”, (Appendix, pp. A34-A35. In the last 46 years, many of these goals have since been implemented and are now part of our laws. In their long march to take over America, the Communists have stuck to their plan. Of the 45 stated goals in this document number 41 is the control of the children. You can now understand why Al Gore gave that message and why these teachers are doing what we see them do in these videos.
Communist Goal #41. Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of parents. Attribute prejudices, mental blocks and retarding of children to suppressive influence of parents.
Like I said, these people need to be watched very closely and I along with millions of bloggers in this country are not going to sit idly by and allow this to continue with out a fight. My advice to you parents, take your children out of the public school system and either begin homeschooling them, or put them in a private school that will teach them the "Three R's”, instead of the "45 Goals" of communism.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Beckel vs Beckel on Fox's Hannity

by One Vike

For those who do not know who Bob Beckel is, he is the radical left wing Democrat talking head that makes the circuit as a paid consultant for politicians and Fox News. However, did you know that his brother is a conservative? Not just a conservative, but a Hollywood actor to boot. That's right, Graham Beckel is an actor who is credited by the web site Internet Movie Database (IMDb) with 93 television and movies appearances. He has been in hit TV shows like “Chicago Hope”, “Grey's Anatomy”, and “Monk”. His movie credits include such classics as "Paper Chase”, “L.A. Confidential", and "Pearl Harbor". He was even in an episode of one of my all time favorite detective series, “Kojak”.

Now that you have been acquainted with who Graham Beckel is, I would like those who really dislike his brother Bob, and maybe have on an occasion or two wanted to rip him a new one, to check out this video. What you will see is a classic case of a liberal being taken to the wood shed by a sibling. After watching the exchange between the Beckel brothers all I could think of was the famous line that made directors in Hollywood to take notice of Tom Cruise in the movie “Taps”, “It's beautiful man, beautiful!”

With such lines as,
My brother wasn't loved by my mother in the same way that I was”,
or as a reply to his brother Bob who said of him and Sean Hannity,
You were both dropped on your heads at birth. That's what happened to you”,
to which Graham replied,
Well, apparently that's a good thing to have happened because we are straight and you're crazy”.
Then when Bob says that Obama will go down in history as one of the best presidents in history, Graham replied,
I scratch my head and wonder what you're going to do next. And it's remarkable to me that these words can come out of his (Bob's) mouth.”

You can go here to read the transcript if you like, but the video should do the trick for you. It is moments like these that makes watching Hannity's show priceless. We can only pray that someday we will be blessed with seeing Stephen Baldwin taking on his brother, Alec, the wife beating communist, but for now we on the right can relish the moment that Bob Beckel was taken to the wood shed by his brother Graham.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Obama's Friends

By One Vike
During the Presidential debate on Oct 15, 2008, Barack Obama told the moderator,
"Judge me by the people with whom I surround myself"
OK Mr President we will, and since you have always been open and proud of your connections with ACORN, I would like everyone to watch these video's of ACORN officials offering assistance to a pimp and a prostitute. What you will see in these videos is ACORN officials encouraging a prostitute and her pimp how to lie to the Internal Revenue Service and how to claim underage girls from South America as dependents. Part I & Part II. These videos are the product of an undercover investigation by James O'Keefe.
In one portion of the video, you will hear an ACORN staffer suggesting that the prostitute list her occupation as a freelance performing artist.
It's not dancing, trust me," replies the undercover reporter playing a pimp.
To which the staffer replies "But dancing is considered an art, usually going under performing artists, or yeah, they usually go under performing arts", (the staffer looks at the girl posing as a prostitute and continues) "which will be what you are, a performing artist."
The pimp later talks about the couple's plans to bring up to 13 very young girls from El Salvador to work as prostitutes. Unfazed by the pimps plans, the two ACORN staffers do not threaten him with legal action, instead they offer him advice on how to claim the young girls as dependents for a tax deduction.
"What if they are going to be making money because they are performing tricks too?" The pimp is heard asking.
"If they making money and they are underage, then you shouldn't be letting anybody know anyway," the ACORN staffer says on the audiotape before laughing. "It's illegal. So I am not hearing this, I am not hearing this. You talk too much. Don't give up no information you're not asked.
Another staffer is seen giving the prostitute advice on how she can keep all this secret by telling her to teach the girls to shut up and keep quiet.
After watching these video's, all I could think about was the $4.19 billion from the stimulus package for neighborhood stabilization activities. With all that money I am sure we will see more examples of liberal love for children exuding from various neighborhood organizations like ACORN. I ask again, why is it that those whom liberals claim to care about the most, are the ones who get hurt the most by their help?
I also wonder how long it will take the authorities to charge these staffers under Title 26 USC 7206 of the Federal Penal Code which reads;
Any person who…...(2) Willfully aids or assists in, or procures, counsels, or advises the preparation or presentation under, or in connection with any matter arising under, the Internal Revenue laws, of a return, affidavit, claim, or other document, which is fraudulent or is false as to any material matter, whether or not such falsity or fraud is with the knowledge or consent of the person authorized or required to present such return, affidavit, claim, or document; shall be guilty of a felony and, upon conviction thereof:
Shall be imprisoned not more than 3 years,or fined not more than $250,000 for individuals $500,000 for corporations, or both together with cost of prosecution
Or will the Justice Dept refuse to prosecute them? After all, there is precedence set by Obama for letting his thugs off the hook for crimes against the country. This past May Obama's justice Dept dropped all charges against the "New Black Panthers" who were intimidating voters, and even shoved reporters around who were just reporting on the election at an inner city precinct in Philadelphia. You can relive the moment if you would like by checking out this YouTube video of Obama's thug's intimidating voters.
To read the rest of the transcript, or watch the video of the conversation between the ACORN staffers and the pimp, go to James O'Keefe's web site called Big Government and learn what over a billion dollars of the stimulus package money it doing for the economy.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sarah, She's Got It

by One Vike

In the last forty years, I have watched as the media in America has gone from leaning towards the left in the '60”s, to slowly moving in with the left and actually jumping in bed with them. They are now to the point that they have lost any semblance of objectivity. If a leading liberal politician, or political pundit, desires to besmirch the character of a conservative politician or even an average citizen such as Joe the plumber, all the liberal needs to do is call up his or her favorite media hack. Within a 24 hour period every news organization in the country will be repeating the verbal assault upon the person of their wrath. Never mind the fact that the story they are repeating is false, the story line will be how the conservative or innocent bystander must answer the charge and attempt to defend themselves. In the eyes of public opinion it is a lose lose situation for the the individual who has been attacked. All the while the liberal who began the lie is never to be heard from again, or defended as a great American by the media.

It is this is type of coordinated stealth attack campaign the left has been using on Sarah Palin since the day John McCain named her as his running mate in the days leading up to the Republican convention. One can only guess why Sarah still has the nerve to show her face in public when the media has even convinced some on the right that she is what they claim. Well there is a reason, and many of us on the right have our own opinion as to why she is able to take all the arrows and continue her march towards a destiny she surely has been born for. The reason silver bullet the left is fearful of has not succumbed to their attempt to destroy her is superbly explained by non other than a teacher who loves Sarah. I give you Adrienne Ross and her excellent article on why Sarah Palin's support continues to grow, in spite of the leftist machinery working in harmony in their attempt to bring her down.

What follows was written by;

Adrieene Ross on her blog called MOTIVATION TRUTH

Governor Palin's support continues to grow, which completely baffles those who never understood her support to begin with. After the media malpractice, after the bogus ethics complaints, even after Levi Johnston, she remains strong when much weaker souls would have been laid to rest by now. How is that possible? Keep reading.

I will always remember the first time a student came to my defense in class. Somebody said something disrespectful, and, before I could open my mouth, someone else said, "Don't be talking to Miss Ross like that!" Silence followed. That was the end of that--until the next time, of course.

That's when you know you've got

Now, I don't actually need my students to stand up for me because I do pretty well by myself. In fact, it's a good thing I didn't get a chance to respond--good for the student who uttered the disrespectful comment, that is. I don't take a lot of mess, nor do I have to. Overall my students have always loved and respected me, and I have very few behavioral problems. The reasons, I believe, are simple: I love and respect them first, they think I'm cool, and I can "bust 'em down" in basketball. That's my recipe for success! I'll add to that one more ingredient: I was in a staffing with a parent who relayed the story of why his child said he never gave me trouble, though he gave other teachers trouble. According to this parent, his son said, "'Cause Miss Ross will knock me out!" Nice mix of respect and fear there, I suppose (though I'd never do that!). I say all that to say I can clearly handle myself.

True authority, however, is revealed when I don't have to.

To this day, I have no recollection of what the first student uttered, just that he was put in his place rather quickly by his classmate. Now, I don't advocate students being aggressive with other students, but I do believe that harmless positive peer pressure goes a long way. Because one student came to my aid, I could get on with the business at hand without taking the time to deal with nonsense, saving myself for bigger issues that really need my attention.

I was thinking of this in light of Governor Palin. Some don't understand why so many of us speak up and fight back when we hear her being smeared by the likes of the mainstream media, anklebiters on the Left and the Right, and even her daughter's ex-fiance'. "What's with all these people," some say, "these bloggers, these activists, these supporters, and why won't Palin herself address every allegation thrown at her?" We all know she can handle herself, so why doesn't she deal with every single issue? The answer is simple: she doesn't have to.

See, most of the attacks against Governor Palin are like the comment in my classroom: distractions meant to take her attention from what's important, slurs and accusations intended to sting and bite, and all-out attacks with the hopes of sparking a fiery retort so the process can continue. And for what? To wear her down.

Each year I get new students, several of whom would say in a heartbeat, "We got your back, Miss Ross." Now, they know good and well I'm no pushover and certainly no punk. However, dealing with every individual about every comment is a waste of everyone's time, and it doesn't accomplish anything. Students who speak up, out of respect for who I am and what I represent, allow me to just keep on steppin'-- never missing a beat, never being sidetracked, never wasting energy.

Then, when something big arises, I'll use that reserved energy to deal with it.

Governor Palin, too, has plenty of opportunities to decide to speak or to be silent, to defend herself or to keep on steppin'. More often than not, wisdom tells her to keep on steppin'--and that's when
we step up. That, I suppose, is part and parcel of the "online footprint" first written about here and then commented on here and here. She doesn't need to ask anyone to have her back. Before she turns around, we're already there--just as my student addressed his peer before I could even open my mouth. We're there on Twitter, on Facebook, on our blogs, on talk radio. Everywhere you turn, we're there, so she doesn't have to fight every single battle because we're fighting for her.

Again, that's true authority. That's when you've got
it, and today, more than ever, public servants need it--and they need a whole lot of it. The more we can step in the ring and throw some punches and block some unfair hits for them--and the more of us who do so--the more strength people like Governor Palin can reserve for the bigger battles.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Methodical Sarah, on the Move

SarahPalin08-30-08.jpegBy One Vike
It's no secret that I have been watching the growth of Sarah Palin and promoting her for a certain national office. Now that she has resigned as the Governor of Alaska, the left cannot continue their merciless onslaught of frivilous ethics charges that have ranged from claiming she illegally wore an Arctic Cat logo during an Iron Dog snowmobile race, to illegally doing post-election damage control by talking to reporters about the campaign in her state office. All of which have been cleared by the courts or thrown out by judges. With all that behind her, Sarah is now free to reap the same kind of financial benefits that politicians like Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton have in accepting invitations around the world. However, it seems that some liberal pundits are still attempting to besmirch her character by making up stories about the reasons groups may be inviting her. One such venue is the invitation she received to speak at the 16th annual investor's conference in September for the Hong Kong-based brokerage firm CSLA.
The left-leaning Business Insider columnist Vincent Fernando has dutifully noted and propagated the latest DNC talking point, that CLSA's invitation for Mrs. Palin to travel to Asia for a speaking engagement at the end of the month is nothing more than a practical joke.
"Her invitation as keynote speaker in Hong Kong is so ridiculous that its absurdity can't be accidental."
So now that they cannot file frivolous lawsuit after frivolous lawsuit against her as the Governor of Alaska they would like us to believe that an invitation to speak at the same venue as Bill Clinton, Alan Greenspan, Al Gore and Desmond Tutu is a joke.
Consider if you will the idea that Bill Clinton was esteemed by the left for speaking before this group and now Sarah will be paid a six-figure fee for their privilege of listening to what she has to say. Plus as a bonus, she will receive an all-expenses-paid trip to Hong Kong, and the benefit of doing something the left claims she has not done. What is that you ask? Well she will be visiting an overseas venue for the all important foreign policy and finance credentials they all claim is needed to be taken serious as a foreign policy expert. Seems to me Sarah is scoring big in her post Governorship political life.
Now it will probably never occur to Howard Dean and his willing accomplishes in the MSM that Sarah Palin has again trumped their attempts to smear and ridicule her. Truth be told the joke Vincent Fernando wrote in his article will be on the left, because Sarah will laugh all the way to the bank with a six figure plus payment that will be used to unseat the first Muslim ever to get elected to the White House.

It has been pointed out by many politically savvy pontificators, that the most important aspect of any politician's success must start with his ability to control his message. Now that Washington Speakers Bureau has announced that Sarah has chosen them to represent her to the public, it is my belief that she has removed all doubt about her political aspirations. There can be only one conclusion, and that is Sarah, has her eyes in the White House.

If I'm wrong, I guess we will find out when her book, which has been reported to be 85% complete, is published. From all the reports I have read, Sarah had a very good summer, as opposed to Obama who has had his political head handed to him on a platter by the American public. What I see in Sarah Palin, is a very methodical politician that is not cowed by the left. Kind of reminds me of what Ronald Reagan was like between 1976 and 1980.