Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Methodical Sarah, on the Move

SarahPalin08-30-08.jpegBy One Vike
It's no secret that I have been watching the growth of Sarah Palin and promoting her for a certain national office. Now that she has resigned as the Governor of Alaska, the left cannot continue their merciless onslaught of frivilous ethics charges that have ranged from claiming she illegally wore an Arctic Cat logo during an Iron Dog snowmobile race, to illegally doing post-election damage control by talking to reporters about the campaign in her state office. All of which have been cleared by the courts or thrown out by judges. With all that behind her, Sarah is now free to reap the same kind of financial benefits that politicians like Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton have in accepting invitations around the world. However, it seems that some liberal pundits are still attempting to besmirch her character by making up stories about the reasons groups may be inviting her. One such venue is the invitation she received to speak at the 16th annual investor's conference in September for the Hong Kong-based brokerage firm CSLA.
The left-leaning Business Insider columnist Vincent Fernando has dutifully noted and propagated the latest DNC talking point, that CLSA's invitation for Mrs. Palin to travel to Asia for a speaking engagement at the end of the month is nothing more than a practical joke.
"Her invitation as keynote speaker in Hong Kong is so ridiculous that its absurdity can't be accidental."
So now that they cannot file frivolous lawsuit after frivolous lawsuit against her as the Governor of Alaska they would like us to believe that an invitation to speak at the same venue as Bill Clinton, Alan Greenspan, Al Gore and Desmond Tutu is a joke.
Consider if you will the idea that Bill Clinton was esteemed by the left for speaking before this group and now Sarah will be paid a six-figure fee for their privilege of listening to what she has to say. Plus as a bonus, she will receive an all-expenses-paid trip to Hong Kong, and the benefit of doing something the left claims she has not done. What is that you ask? Well she will be visiting an overseas venue for the all important foreign policy and finance credentials they all claim is needed to be taken serious as a foreign policy expert. Seems to me Sarah is scoring big in her post Governorship political life.
Now it will probably never occur to Howard Dean and his willing accomplishes in the MSM that Sarah Palin has again trumped their attempts to smear and ridicule her. Truth be told the joke Vincent Fernando wrote in his article will be on the left, because Sarah will laugh all the way to the bank with a six figure plus payment that will be used to unseat the first Muslim ever to get elected to the White House.

It has been pointed out by many politically savvy pontificators, that the most important aspect of any politician's success must start with his ability to control his message. Now that Washington Speakers Bureau has announced that Sarah has chosen them to represent her to the public, it is my belief that she has removed all doubt about her political aspirations. There can be only one conclusion, and that is Sarah, has her eyes in the White House.

If I'm wrong, I guess we will find out when her book, which has been reported to be 85% complete, is published. From all the reports I have read, Sarah had a very good summer, as opposed to Obama who has had his political head handed to him on a platter by the American public. What I see in Sarah Palin, is a very methodical politician that is not cowed by the left. Kind of reminds me of what Ronald Reagan was like between 1976 and 1980.


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