Saturday, February 20, 2010

Representation for Taxation Is Finally Restored

by OneVike

It is about time the Supreme Court has leveled the political playing field by returning to corporations their right to be represented for the taxes they are burdened with. Our American Revolution was based upon the complaint that the people were taxed without representation, but if American corporations don't have a 1st amendment right to free speech, then they shouldn't be subject to taxation either. So If anyone really dislikes the Supreme Courts ruling and would also like to take your opinion that corporations are not people so they should not have a say so in politics, then I have but one solution that will be fair to all, and that solution would be the government should not be taxing American cooperation's.

Think about it, if you really want to restrict the ability of corporations to influence elections and legislation then I suggest leveling the whole playing field for them by doing away with all taxes paid by them. That means no more corporate income tax, and no more forcing corporations to be servants of local, state, and federal governments. I say servants, because the government forces them to collect the governments taxes, but they do not get reimbursed for their services. After all, that is called forced servitude, and slavery is unconstitutional.

We should also change the law so that each person is required to pay their own portion of taxes from their own personal accounts. This would include local, state, federal income taxes, FICA, and social security. Also, we should take this to it's natural extent of disallowing the bundling of property taxes into mortgages via escrow accounts and force each person to record and submit their sales taxes in one lump sum rather than having a private corporation serve as a tax collector on each transaction. I could go further in explaining what we need to do to truly level the playing field, but you get my gist.

The problem with those of you who are angry over the ruling is that you fail to understand is that this ruling merely puts things back the way they used to be. There should be no restrictions on any American, nor on any American entity that represents other Americans in their defense against or their representation before a government that has become so intrusive that it regulates and taxes almost every aspect of human and non human activity.

Some how Americans seem to think it is alright for a totally biased media to run wild by telling lies and propping up candidates it likes over others in an attempt to change America into it's idea of a socialist utopia. If anyone thinks the MSM was not the single most influential entity in getting Obama and the Democrats in power, then you are blind. Funny how we never here from those who disagree with this ruling that the MSM should also lose it's free speech when it is obviously biased. Fact is the media should not lose it's right because of the 1st amendment, but neither should American corporations lose their right to influence the outcomes of political elections. Free speech means that any American entity that is either human or represents humans has the right to finance and influence elections and legislation, period.

Remember, a majority of the news media entities in America are also corporations. However they have practiced their right of freedom of speech over and above what other corporations have had for years. Then when congress passed, and Bush signed, the McCain/Feingold bill it just made things worse by giving even more power to the media, and the unions. For the past 100 years we have slowly watched as congress passed unconstitutional campaign finance laws that have restricted one entities freedom of speech while allowing another entities power of political influence to go unchecked.

What the Supreme Court has done is only overturn campaign finance laws that allowed the unholy marriage of the MSM and the unions to become the most powerful political force in the country. The media controls what Americans see and ear, and the unions use tax free employee union dues to spend billions on influencing politicians to pass legislation that effects the very corporation it's members work for while being immune from campaign finance laws passed in the last 100 years that have crippled the corporations 1st amendment right to free speech. So why is it wrong for a corporation to use its money to defend and support legislation that is beneficial to its shareholders? I thank God for this SC ruling, because now we can get back to what the founding fathers understood, and that is an out of control government that limits the constitutional rights of one entity over another is a dangerous thing.

If you want to live in a country where the press, the union, and the government are the only entities allowed to speak and influence elections then I suggest you move to Canada, Europe, or Cuba. As for me, I prefer keeping America a Representative Democracy, who's greatness can be traced to the success of capitalism and God.


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