Thursday, January 21, 2010

UFC Champion Compares Canadian Health Care to That of The Third World

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Thinking he might need surgery to fix a bad case of diverticulitis, Brock Lesnar postponed a fight to defend his Ultimate Fighting Championship heavyweight title. If you know who Lesnar is you have one of two opinions of him probably. You either think he is an egotistical maniac, and you wish someone would come along and shut him up, or you think he is maybe the greatest all around fighter to ever grace the sport of ultimate fighting. Well, Brock was not just unable to train for the defense of his title, he was considering the reality that he may have to retire at the young age of 32.

A former champion the WWE, Lesnar used the same tactics he used as a wrestler to help draw fans to the UFC. They say that Lesnar is the best thing that ever happened the UFC, but after his medical problems, they were worried the 1.6 million pay per views they gained due to his attraction was in jeopardy. Well they can now rest assured that their money maker will return to the ring, because Lesnar has had a miraculous recovery. However, up until just this past Tuesday it was not so. You may be asking yourself, since when have I cared about ultimate fighters and their future ability to beat each other up? Well the reason this is news is not because he is a fighter, but because of what happened after he ended up in a Canadian hospital.

See, Lesnar was beginning to suffer from depression due to the news he may have to retire from a new career he thought was going to allow him to fight one or maybe two times a year, while spending the rest of the year at home with his family. When he was a wrestler he was not able to see his family much because he was on the road all year, fighting two or three times a week. Well Brock was dealing with a bit of a case of depression and he decided to go to Canada on a hunting trip. Nothing helps the doldrums of depression like a good hunt and maybe some fresh venison.

While there he had such a painful diverticulitis attack, that he was hospitalized. While in a Canadian hospital you would think he was getting the best care in the world. After all, we are told by liberals in America that the Canadian health care system is almost as good as that of Cuba. That's why we are told by Obama and the Democrats they want to take over 1/7th of the American economy, they want to make it as good as Canada's. Just one problem, Democrats can only tell lies about our health care system and that of the rest of the worlds'. The lie is that the only way for us to improve the system in America is to make it like that of other countries who have Socialized their health care systems.

So what does Lesnar have to say about that great Canadian health care he was getting? Brock was not impressed, matter of fact he was quoted in an interview as saying, They couldn’t do nothing for me. It was like I was in a third world country.” It was so bad that his wife Rena, had to rescue him from the hospital. She loaded him into their car and drove sometimes as fast as 100 miles per hour to get her ailing husband back to America where she admitted him into the MedCenter One hospital in Bismarck, N.D. There, doctors were patient, they didn’t immediately perform surgery and slowly nursed him back to some form of health. Brock's wife was so afraid her husband was going to die in the Canadian hospital she had no choice but to perform what was tantamount to a prison break to save his life.

So for you liberals who are angry that Scott Brown won the election and killed ObamaCare, I ask you. Are you sure you want what Canada has? Personally, I have yet to hear one person tell me that they had better care in Canada then they have ever received in America. Fact is, no one who knows the truth is surprised and I thank God that the people of liberal Massachusetts even know it. Come November, those who are still hoping that Obama and the Democrats can still change America into the Socialist utopia they want, are going to be shocked.

The way I see it, there was a small earthquake in the Ocean on Tuesday, and that little ripple in the water you see is going to be such a huge tsunami come November that I would not be surprised if the Democrat party becomes insignificant and powerless to the political process for years to come.


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