Monday, January 18, 2010

Today Massachusetts, November Congress, & The White House in 2012

by OneVike

It would seem that Scott Browns surge in the latest polls have him up over Kennedy's would be replacement by an insurmountable lead. Even the shenanigans they pulled off in Minnesota will not save the swimmers seat for Obama to take over 1/7th of the American economy, (Health care). What I have for you, are five polls that show Obama's best chance, Democrat Martha Coakly, of taking over health care losing in a free fall with the Massachusetts voters.

Check out these poll numbers of Republican Scott Brown and Democrat Martha Coakley, on the eve of the special election to fill the late Ted Kennedy's seat.

Politico/InAdv: ---------- Brown 52, Coakley 43 ----- Brown +9

PJM/CrossTarget: ------ Brown 52, Coakley 42 ------ Brown+10

PPP: ---------------------- Brown 51, Coakley 46 ------ Brown +5

Daily Kos: ---------------- Brown 48, Coakley 48 ----- Tie

Any of these polls could be off, but taken as a whole it does not look good for Obama. Except for the far leftist site Daily KO's the facts are in, and the facts state that Obama is in huge trouble. Even Jimmy carter did not lose safe seats like Massachusetts when he was in a tailspin before his historic loss to Reagan. What is real bad is that the Washington Examiner, is now saying that Coakley's own internal polls has her losing to Brown by five points. Many considered Massachusetts the most liberal of all states and as such it has three times the number of registered Democrats than Republicans. Consider this, In 1972 Massachusetts was the only state that the leftist Democrat, George McGovern, won in his bid to defeat the hated Richard Nixon.

In a political sense, loosing Ted Kennedy's seat to a Republican would be like Pee Wee Herman knocking Mike Tyson out in the first round of a heavy weight boxing match. The left will attempt to make all kinds of excuses, and we are now even hearing some. However, it is a loss that will be heard around the political world for many years to come. Mark my words, this loss will reverberate into the off year elections and I would not be surprised if the republicans not only regain both houses of Congress, but gain a super majority in the process. Just think what that really means if the safest democrat seat in the Senate goes to a republican? There will be no safe seat in 2010 for the Democrats, and that my friends is why so many Democrats are now stating that they are retiring.


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