Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rino Senate Candidate, Linda McMahon, explains Donations to Rahm Emanuel & Liberal Democrats

 by One Vike

We are a week away from an historic day.  A day that I believe Scott Brown will assume the senate seat vacated by the death of Ted Kennedy.  Then just last we heard that Chris Dodd decided not to run for re-election in Connecticut.  Along with the other retiring members of the Democrat party it would seem that the Republicans could actually retake the Senate.  Even ABC is reporting that the future of the Democrats control of the senate is shaky.  So now we have an interesting summer to look forward to as the many possibilities abound as to what will happen in November.

Which brings me back to Chris Dodd and the seat that will be vacated by his retirement.  One of the bright stars on the horizon that I have been hearing of lately is non other than the wife of Vince McMahon.  Linda and Jim started and ran the operations of World Wrestling Entertainment since its establishment in 1980.  Well, it would seem that Linda has been a donor to non other then Rahm Emanuel in 2006 when he came to the WWE's Stamford headquarters and personally received a five figure donation from McMahon herself.  Money she claims was not for political reasons.  Yea right.  Are we to believe that when Rahm Emanuel is donated money that his intentions are not politically motivated?

Well, if you are in from Connecticut then you may want to check out this video of Linda explaining her self in front of a voter forum in Connecticut when asked about the contributions. The way I see it, she is no different then any other Rino who will side with the Democrats if she gets elected.  You people in Connecticut better find a better candidate to go to Washington as your Senator, or things will continue as they always have. 


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