Saturday, October 31, 2009

Right-wing vs Left-wing Women of Politics

by OneVike

Looking at the way women in politics dress and carry themselves can really explain a lot about the person they are, and what they think about the way others should live their lives. Ian Robinson of the Calgary Sun has nailed it pretty good, and I would like to share what he had to write about today's right-wing women versus the left-wing women of today's Western societies;

The recent election of Danielle Smith as leader of the Wildrose Alliance reminded me that among the many things I love about the libertarian/right wing are the women.

Could be our slogan: Come for the culture war ... stay for the chicks.
Right-wing women rock.

Not for us the sturdy, honest calves of the New Democrat/Green Party female, honed on eco-tourist rain forest hikes. Those legs are often on unfortunate display, extending from a knee-length tweed skirt as hairy as the legs themselves, and end in a pair of Birkenstocks.  I have yet to see a pair of Birkenstock women's shoes that didn't look like part of the required uniform for police SWAT teams. Sensible shoes are one thing ... quite another to don a pair that look like they're meant for rappelling down the sides of buildings with a Heckler & Koch sniper rifle slung over your shoulder. The primary reason our womenfolk are at war with the looming specter of the nanny state is because you can't buy Jimmy Choos in a socialist paradise.

The only sensible footwear you'll find in a right-wing woman's closet are the Nike cross-trainers that go with her gym membership. Everything else has a three-inch heel. Minimum. Left-wing drabs recycle. Right-wing women shop -- and the government measures how much they shop every month to find out whether we're still in a recession. Basically, the world economy depends on right-wing women buying shoes. You never hear a right-wing woman break out statistics pointing out that only 25% of elected offices in Canada are held by women, and then whining about it.

No. A right-wing woman wants to get elected, she runs for office. If she wins, great. If she loses ... well, there's always more shoe shopping.

You can continue reading Ian Robinson's article, "Right-wing Women Rock" at the Calgary Sun Website.

Now it is my opinion that women can and do look beautiful in many things they wear.  Also I do not think a woman's beauty lies in what she was given physically.  However, my take from Ian's article is that, when a women carries herself like a woman instead of like a man, as many women on the left do, well she can and does look good.  Remember this article is basically about most of the activist minded women, not all, but most.  It is also not about the everyday woman who votes but really is not involved outside the two week period prior to any given election.

So, why do so many leftist women in politics act like God has somehow made them incomplete?  It's as if they have this urge to make up for God's mistake by dressing acting, and ruling as if they have a pair? 

Inquiring minds would like to know, because ladies, it is not attractive.  I know that it's politically incorrect to expect a woman to act like a lady, but facts are facts.  You are women, act the part for a change.


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