Thursday, October 15, 2009

Goodbye NFL, You Have Finally Jumped The Shark

by OneVike
As many all ready know, the powers that be in the NFL have decided to believe the lies and innuendos about Rush Limbaugh. They have even gone so far as to pressure the Checkett's ownership group into dropping Rush Limbaugh as a partner, thus denying him the right to even apply to be an owner of an NFL team. Like Rush, and many other football fans, I too have had to put up with leftist football prognosticators and their off comment remarks about Americans like me and the politicians I vote for. Being a conservative means becoming accustomed to being called many things, but the past 10 months I have been called and a racist by my government officials more times then I have ever been called one in the past. Now I am even being considered to be a racist by many NFL players and members of the sports media for listening to Rush on the radio.
I quit watching Boxing when it cost me a pretty penny just to see Mike Tyson take a bite out of Hollyfield's ear. I gave up on Basketball when the referees gave the series to Los Angeles a few years back in the NBA playoffs over the Sacramento Kings, in a game that Shaq should have fouled out but the refs refused to ever call his fouls. I then gave up on ESPN when they set Rush up with the McNabb incident but I kept my NFL ticket and still watched the games. However, what the NFL and it's buddies in the sports world have done is tantamount to jumping the shark for me, so I have no recourse but to say;


Now it seems that since the time that Rush was dropped as a partner by the Checkett's group and after his show was over yesterday, some members of the media realized that they had some egg on their face for spreading the lies about Rush. It really is amazing what happens when the MSM is so willing to attack someone on the right that they will repeat more gossip then two women hanging cloths in the back yard. Here is a list of attempted retractions and apologies that is up in Rush Limbaugh's Web Site I thought he did such a good job I borrowed it with credit.

Fifteen Minutes of Truth Telling is Winning the Day...

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What follows is a letter I wrote to my fellow Fantasy Football League players.

To the Members of Matthew's Cafe Fantasy Football League;

Ever since the Fascists have assumed power in America, I have been forced, like all Americans, to put up with many things I disagree with. However, the events that have unfolded these past Months have now moved beyond Politics and into my beloved game of football. As I tuned into the many sports channels I watch for updates and news on the NFL so I can have my best team ready for Fantasy Football this weekend, my patience was pushed past its limit. What I was given by the many football prognosticators and their guests were unsubstantiated lies and innuendos that have no basis in truth. I am truly saddened this day, saddened because of the way the NFL has joined the ranks of institutions that have allowed the left to completely control their decision making.

As a Christian conservative who has listened to Rush Limbaugh just about every day on the radio since he first went nationwide, I know he has never said what they accuse him of. As a loyal listener, I know what and who Rush Limbaugh is, and he is not what the left in this country portray him to be. Further more, when those of whom I am associated, and agree with are maligned and refused the right to own or be a part of something because of their beliefs, then I too am maligned and lied about. This week I have heard news reporters and NFL sports commentators accuse Rush of being a racist for saying things he never said. Many of the NFL commentators have also stated that anyone who listens to Rush is also a racist hate monger.

We are living at a time when the level of hate in this country has been ratcheted up to the point that even if you disagree with what is happening with our government that you are a called a racist by elected government officials. Now we even see the politics of hate move into the business and sporting world. The individuals who are behind the smear campaign used to pressure the NFL into denying Limbaugh the right to even be on a list of possible owners, are the very ones who have been calling me a racist for disagreeing with their political agenda. When asked at an NFL owners' meeting about Rush Limbaugh's involvement with the Checketts' group that wished to buy the St. Louis Rams, Commissioner Goodell told the reporter;

"I've said many times before we're all held to a high standard here, and I think divisive comments are not what the NFL is all about. I would not want to see those comments coming from people who are in a responsible position in the NFL, absolutely not."

The last time I checked, those who are involved with pre-game shows, play by play, and color commentary are also expected to be cordial and respectful. Unless of course you are Rush Limbaugh who was fired by ESPN for daring to say that there are those in the media who desire a black QB to be successful regardless how good he is. Something by the way, that Michael Irving agreed with on the same show. It is well understood that Goodell wanted the current owners to know that he would appose any group that has Limbaugh as a partner. So under pressure from the NFL, the Checketts' group told Rush Limbaugh that he was not welcome in their partnership anymore.

I now await Mr Goodell to extend his high standards to NBC and Keith Oberman, who is prominently involved with Sunday Night Football. After all, I cannot think of that many people who are more divisive and hateful than Keith Oberman. The words of anger and hate towards Sarah Palin, George Bush, and those who marched in the Tea Party protests held this past summer are well documented. So is Mr Goodell going to be consistent and demand that NBC Sunday Night Football remove Mr Oberman from its pre-game show? I won't hold my breath.

As a citizen of the United States I have to participate and live with the burden the fascists leaders of this country are forcing upon me. However, when the same type of race bating fascists excerpt their influence upon the NFL by spreading lies that have no basis in truth, then I really do not wish to be involved and I do not have to be. The decision I have made is not an easy one, because I have been a fan of the NFL and the Minnesota Vikings since I was a young boy. I have watched, and cried, as they have had many good seasons end with a loss in playoffs. Four of which came in the Super Bowl. However, I can no longer enjoy a game whose leaders claim, that my money is good enough for them to take as long as a team ownership is not what I am buying. That is what they said to Rush Limbaugh, and I have no reason to believe they would not say the same thing to me if I the money and wanted to buy an NFL team.

Make no mistake about it, Goodell's decision was all about politics, not behavior and not about revenue. The fascists behind the smear of Rush Limbaugh is telling us that they will be the arbiters of what Americans can and cannot do with our own money. By making ownership about politics the NFL has chosen to be on the side of the fascists who will continue to destroy America from within, and I for one cannot continue in any venture that is used by my political enemies to destroy my friends and allies. They do not know it now, but their decision will be irreparable as another nail has been hammered into the lid covering the corpse of the once great NFL. As I said earlier, there are certain things I cannot avoid from being apart of, but the NFL does not fit in that category. So if my political beliefs bar me from owning an NFL team, even if I had the money, then I do not wish to own a Fantasy team either.

As of today, I am stepping down from my position as the owner of the Fantasy team the Vikings, and I am also going to contact Direct TV and cancel my NFL Ticket. Should my beloved Minnesota Vikings continue to roll all the way to the Super Bowl and win, they will do it with out this long time fan watching. Now I realize I am tied for second in the standings and alone at top in the weekly picks, but my mind has been made by Goodell and others involved in this travesty of justice. For those who wish to have a chance at the players on my Team, I will be officially releasing them at 10:00 PM PDT, which is tonight on October 16.


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