Friday, October 9, 2009

Teaching Children to Worship Obama

Teaching Children to Worship Obama

by One Vike

In their ongoing movement to turn Obama into a god that children should look up to and in my opinion worship, the is another incredible pro-Obama video. This one was produced by his good friend Oprah Winfrey's and her Harpo Productions. In this video you will see sundry self-important Hollywood narcissists pledging their fealty to Barack Obama. A slew of shallow celebrities, including Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, Eva Mendez, Cameron Diaz, and P Diddy, tell viewers: "I pledge to reduce my use of plastic ... to sell my obnoxious car and buy a hybrid ... to be more green ... to turn the lights off ... to flush only after a deuce, never a single ... to go to ... to be of service to Barack Obama ... to be the change ... to be a servant to our president."

This "serve Obama" propaganda video also has been shown to captive school audiences.

In our 24/7 pop culture of celebrity idolatry, Barack Obama is constantly presented to young people as the epitome of cool, hip, smart, sexy; and he is all but worshiped by Hollywood demigods whom our youth are taught to idolize. This engenders a mindset that is conducive to tyrants and fatal to freedom, limited government and our constitutional safeguards. The charges of Fidel Castro and his like-minded comrades in the Big Media punditocracy notwithstanding, parents are not "racist" or "insane" for suspecting that President Obama and/or his fanatical followers would exploit his speech to the schools to further his Big Government political agenda.

You can read the whole article titled, Are Schools Teaching Children to Serve Obama? at the New American web site.


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