Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tim McGraw & Brad Paisley, Are Officially Off My Christmas List

by One Vike

It is high time Brad Paisley and Tim McGraw were taken to task for their support of Barrack Husein Obama. I first must admit that I have been a fan of Brad and Tim for a long time. I love the way they put to tune and words of how it is to be a man is in the world. After all, how can you not enjoy listening to the way Brad strings together the words in his song titled, “I'm Still A guy”, or how he seems to lay his heart out in the tune titled, “I'm Gonna Miss Her (The Fishing Song)”? Then there are the songs by Tim McGraw that just makes me want to hold my wife closely as I sing along with him the words I could never think of on my own.

From the first time I heard Brad Paisley sing the song, “Who needs Pictures” in early 1999, I was a fan of his. And what man can honestly say he did not choke up a bit when he listened to the way Tim sang the beautiful ballad, “Don't Take The Girl'? These are the kinds of songs that have been missing in the American music industry. Songs that speak to our hearts, because we feel exactly like they sing them to us on the radio. For too long the American culture has gone down the trail of anger and hate in the music that has been presented to us. So Country Music has for many become what the music was in the “70”s, beautiful and relevant to our lives and hearts.

Yes, I have been a big fan of both Brad Paisley, and Tim McGraw. I even used their songs to try and convince my brother-in-law that he should give up Rock Music for Country. Well, he still listens to Rock, but he is not so critical of Country as he used to be. Well, their songs kept coming and I kept listening and buying them. Even when I found out that they were supporters of Barrack Obama during the Presidential campaign, I still liked them. I may have been a bit shocked by their support for him, but I still listened to their music and refused to turn them off when they came on the radio. I guess it was like trying to turn off the radio when I heard Willy Nelson sing his classic song, “On The Road Again”. Oh I knew he was a Jimmy Carter supporter, but times were different, and I wasn't really worried about my personal freedom back then.

Times have changed though, and I see things differently than I did in the past. Now, when I hear a politician speak about things I care about, I begin to weigh the balances, and they do not seem to balance like they used to. Now when I listen to politicians, and I begin to ask the question, “What part of the constitution do they not understand'? Which brings me to Brad Paisley, Tim McGraw, and their devotion to Obama and his agenda.

Like many Americans today, when I see Obama, I see a man who desires to take away my freedom and my rights. The very freedom and rights granted to me by the Constitution, and fought for by ancestors of mine in every war we have fought since Revolutionary War for independence.  Now, when I hear musician that I like, and they want to use my hard earned money so they can support Obama in his quest to take my freedoms and rights, I get mad.  These two talented musicians, Brad Paisley and Tim McGraw, want me to believe that Obama is alright and that his agenda is good for my country. Just one problem, Obama is not alright, he is my enemy and his agenda is bad for America. So that makes anyone who agrees with Obama, including Paisley, McGraw, and any other individual who agrees with Obama, my enemy also.

See, this is not a political game anymore, this is a war of keeps. Obama and his allies want to take away that which I want to keep, my freedom and liberty. Excuse me for being greedy, but I refuse to give them up with out a fight. So, as of today I am taking them both off my Christmas list, along with anyone else who has decided to support Obama and his Fascist ideas of taking my country away from me. Oh I realize that there are certain aspects of society that I cannot stop from dealing with, like PG&E here in California etc. etc.  However there are many I can personally boycott, and like the Dixie Chicks before them, I refuse to support Brad Paisley, Tim McGraw or any other musician of the Country world or any other genre who has fallen in with my enemy, Barrack Husein Obama, mm, mm, mmmm!

This is war, and like any war that one wishes to win, we cannot appease the enemy, we can only defeat them.  That is because they wish to defeat and put us under their subjected rule.  When fighting a war, you do not financially help the enemy, you do every thing in your power to diminish their ability to fight.  It is high time we de-fund the enemy of the state, and that includes the likes of Brad Paisley, Tim McGraw, or any other person or entity that chooses to side with the enemy.  So if you want a Christmas gift from me this year, you better not have them on your list. As I said this is a war, and you are either with me or you are against me, there can be no middle ground anymore.


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