Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Losing the Climate Debate? That's Ok, Just Change History

by OneVike

During the 70 years that the communists controlled the Soviet Union, they had a peculiar way of teaching history to the people. They would teach things as historical fact that never happened. If you were one of those who took umbrage with their revisionist history lessons, you would soon find yourself living in a tiny apartment in a part of the country where they laugh at anyone who claims the world is getting warmer. In a communist country this is the only way to convince the masses that they are actually better off than anyone in the history of the world has ever been. We now joke about the way the Soviet Union and China used to dissimulate information in order to control their people, but look around and you will notice that there are people in America that are attempting the very same thing here. That's right, there are many Americans today who would like nothing better than to convince the rest of us that their false beliefs are true. Take the global warming debate as an example. There are many global warming alarmists who would like us to believe that historical records back up their cooked scientific data claiming that man can, and has, affected the climate of the world in a negative way.
Oh, now I have done it! I have accused the global warming crowd of using bad science and twisting history to help make the masses believe them. Well, allow me to introduce you to a Mr. William Connolley. Connolley is a United Kingdom scientist and a Green Party activist who, until this past September, just happens to also be the editor of most everything pertaining to the world's climate at the most read encyclopedia the world has ever known, Wikipedia. Just so you know, Wikipedia is the an online source that, while 90% of schools and colleges prefer that their students not use it as a reference for their work, instructors do realize that a majority of their students do use Wikipedia as a source to get started in their search for information. Usually the information the student get from Wikipedia will lead them down a path that can often times take them to other questionable sources that the instructors cannot verify to for qualifying nor disqualify as acceptable sources for the students work.  So what we have is a vast amount if information that is used to indoctrinate the children of the world, or better yet, the future leaders of the world When I learned what Connolley was doing at Wikipedia I had to write about it
Everyone knows about the leaked e-mails that have been sent between some of the leading scientists who believe man is responsible for world wide climate change. In these e-mails, the scientists admit to falsifying their data and destroying evidence so they cannot be caught. Well it seems that there is a lot more in these e-mails then we first thought. We have now found out that the scientists involved in Climategate are also involved in revising history to help their cooked scientific data fit with the historical record of climatic change for the last 1000 years. Long before these charlatans worried about their emails surfacing, they worried about how they could justify their scientific data with the historic fact of the Medieval Warming Period and the Mini Ice Age. This is a quote from an e-mail to David Deming, a geoscientist at the University of Oklahoma, from a major participant in the IPCC assessments.  As Dr. Lindzen confirmed, this was accomplished by the Third Assessment in 2001.
"We have to get rid of the Medieval Warm Period"
It would almost seem like a joke, if it were not one of many extensive and illuminating transcripts that provide an unvarnished look at the struggles that the climate practitioners underwent before settling on their scientific dogma. What it does is give you an idea of their collective mindset when they considered the effects that the Medieval Warming Period and the Mini Ice Age would have on their ability to convincingly prove that their scientific data is correct. These leaked e-mails show a pattern that goes back over 15 years as to how they eventually came to the conclusion that they needed to change history to fit the results of their flawed scientific data.
Well eventually the whole matter came down to a political solution that was offered by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the highest climate change authority in the world. What the UN eventually agreed to publish was U.S. scientist Michael Mann's work which would become the icon of the global warming movement. His work includes the "Hockey Stick Graph " which has since been disproved as nothing more than junk science. By agreeing to the hockey stick graph, they were saying that the temperatures of earth for the last 1,000 years have been stable. To back it up they needed to change history to coincide with their findings. So now we come back to Mr. Connelley of Wikipedia. 
See they knew that they would have a little trouble revising history, because of all those schoolbooks, encyclopedias, and other scholarly sources that proved them wrong. They knew it might take decades for them to rewrite all these books and change history in the minds of people, however when has a little thing like time stopped communists from getting what they wanted? They decided to work on the media while politically exerting pressure on climatologists like the weathermen across America. All the while they get their friends in the blogosphere to create them a website called RealClimate.org . Their reasoning was that they needed a place where they could mount a rapid response to the supposedly bombshell papers that were combating their junk science. They needed to defend their ideas like the "hockey stick graph" and any other claims that were easily dispelled by honest scientists and climate experts and investigaters like Anthony Watts and his site, "Watts Up With That?". Anthony and others have been doing the Lords work in taking on these charlatans. They needed to do all they could to defend their position that temperatures today are hotter than any other time in recorded history.
That is where William Connelley came in. He was one of the founding members of the RealClimate.org site and soon he was brought on board to become the know all editor of climate issues at Wikipedea. What Connolley did was create or rewrite 5,428 unique Wikipedia articles to coincide with his and his colleague's global warming beliefs. He began by changing the facts behind the Little Ice Age, and the Medieval Warming periods to convince those who use Wikipedia that these climate changes were actually localized instead of world wide. This way he could then rewrite the debate about the hockey stick graph and heavily lean the evidence to convince Wikipedia's users that man made global warming is a fact. Remember, 90% of all students of the world are encouraged to use Wikipedia for their studies and facts when writing papers or doing homework.
Evntually, Connolley would rewrite thousands of articles on the politics of global warming and about the scientists who were skeptical of the science used to defend the idea that man is the cause of global climate changes. Two of his targets, Richard Lindzen and Fred Singer , are distinguished climate scientists who have been denied the ability to rebut the information Wikipedia has posted about them. So when you read about theses scientists you will come away with the idea that they are both extreme scientists who are at odds with mainstream academia on most of their views from global warming to cancer causing effects of cigarettes. One person who they use as evidence of about Richard Lindzen's opinion of cigarettes effect on lung cancer is none other then the actor Robin Williams. Now there is a neutral observer for you. There are many other reputable scientists Connolley has also attempted to destroy though his power as editor of everything climate at Wikipedia. But time and space prevents me from listing them all.
Connolley helped transform Wikipedia from a encyclopedia that has was well respected, into a political propaganda tool that is used to change the facts to fit the cooked science of the left. He has acted with impunity by removing over 500 articles written by various well-known and respected scientists. He has also banned over 2,000 highly educated and respected contributors from offering information to Wikipedia. It has been reported that In September 2009, a Wikipedia Arbitration Committee revoked Mr. Connolley's administrator status after finding that he misused his administrative privileges while involved in a dispute unrelated to climate warming. However, he is still heavily involved behind the scenes and when it comes to climate debate the Arbitration Committee are in 100% agreement with his belief and tactics, so things will not change. In the end, Wikipedia has become a propaganda tool of the left like every other organization they have gained control of.
Those who wish to read what Connolley has to say about this accusation can find it at scienceblogs.com where he has a blog called "Stoat", taking science by the throat . He attempts to defend himself but the evidence is overwhelming and unless he admits his part, which is clear to see in the many leaked e-mails, he is just continuing in this charade called global warming. He is responsible for helping Wikipedia do what the Soviet Union did for 70 years, change history to fit inconvenient lies. When you lose an argument and you refuse to admit it, all you can do is try to change history. Communists and dictators do it all the time and the crowd behind the global warming hoax is no different.


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