Thursday, August 6, 2009

Why is the GOP in California Dead?

One Vike

I was asked the other day, if I thought the GOP in California was dead. I responded with a definite YES. Now, I believe that there are many reasons why I think the California Republican party is dead. I would have to say that a big reason is the difference in the mentality of most Californians and that of most Republican voters. I believe the mentality of most Californians brought this state to its abysmal place in history. Most people are too foolish or lack the courage to face up to the facts that California is toast, and the voters will never give the Republicans a chance to change things for the better.

In California we have the massive waves of third world people. Yes third world people can be brought up to higher levels, IF they are in a relatively small minority and immersed in a first world culture. It doesn't take a genius to understand this isn't the situation in California today. There is no way to have a first world country (or state) with a majority of people who have a third world mentality. Well this third world mentality wants a government to give them what it is they refuse to work for, and they will continually vote for the politician that offers that which they desire. Look at South America, they continually fall prey to the slick snake oil salesmen politician.

Unfortunately, along with the demise of the Republican party, California itself has passed the point of no return. It will not recover because it can't recover. The number of people who produce less wealth than what they consume now outnumber those who produce more wealth than what they consume. All the economic churning and the phony economics the liberals squirt out won't change this basic fact, and changing control from the Democrats to the Republicans will not reverse the course. Mainly because, If the Republicans did gain control they would not sacrifice their new gained power to do what they must. Thus the Republican voters themselves would just stay home as they have proven to do time and time again when Republicans act as Democrats.

So the unproductive members of society will continue to be unproductive and just as history has proven time and time again, a civilization that does not produce more than they give away will inevitably crumble from within. The question that remains is how fast this decline will happen, because the more the unproductive and counter productive people outnumber the productive people the faster the decline will happen.

As I said the decline of the Republican party mirrors that of the state and the state is going down fast. It's my opinion that those who think California can be turned around are the dreamers. I have stated for ten years that California was lost, and time has only proven me right. Besides the reason I give about the changing of the human demographics, California has been controlled by politicians who think differently then they did in the past. Even the Republicans will argue that they can offer free gifts for your vote, albeit slower and less in quantity, but they still offer.

We are also governed by politicians who have different goals in mind for the use of our tax dollars than they did in past generations. In the old days, politicians still believed in building things like highways, water systems, educational facilities, power plants, water reservoirs, etc. etc, etc. They also believed in proven technology like the combustible engines, hydroelectricity, and nuclear energy. However, today's politicians write paychecks, give handouts, tax the crap out of any productive private sector enterprise, regulate proven technologies out of existence and build lavish retirements for themselves. All the while giving more and more credence to the fringe groups that worship the creation over the Creator. Someone name me one major productive project undertaken during the reign of the modern Metro/Collectivist politician in California, Democrat or Republican. Allow me to state that we do have the politicians we the people vote into office.

I remember when I was taking my seminary classes, everyone wanted to know what everyone else thought of the end times. The biggest question was what kind of One World government would we be forced to live under before Christ returned. Many were shocked when I stated that the One World government would be a Socialist government. I also said it would be a government that we the people would put in place. See, Christ will not return because the government we live under has made us bad. Christ will return because men are bad, and the government we put in place will be a government that lets us be as bad as we want to be. And a government that gives us everything we want, will be a government like the Europeans have, a government that has made evil good, and good evil.

That my friends is not going to ever happen under a conservative Republican government.


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