Sunday, August 9, 2009

One Good Patriot

One Vike

An e-mail I received about my article:

"Where Are Today's Patriots Who Are Willing To Sacrifice Everything?"

Hi One Vike,

There are many patriots who will be there when the time is right. I count myself among them. I wrote the reply below shortly after you posted your article and plea. I toyed with the idea of posting it over the last several days, but I did not. Today I decided simply to send it to you privately in case you are interested. I did not hesitate to post it out of fear so much as a need to "keep my powder dry" and "hold your fire until you see the whites of their eyes." Timing is everything, as a hand tipped too soon will lose.

This is especially apparent since Obama has committed a major error, in that he has attempted to take away our free and fair elections before he took away our weapons. Bad timing!

I will therefore wait to publicly tip my hand, and therefore make myself a target, at least until it will do the most good. However, I wanted to send this to you anyway. You may do with it what you will, even post it if you think it might inspire people, but I do ask that you hold my identity in confidence. I also ask that you relax, as we will be there by the millions when the time is right if we are needed. Great post, and great thread vike one.


Soap box, ballot box, ammo box. The need for the third option is not here yet, but it is getting close, not through any fault of our own, but through the relentless efforts of those who would enslave us.

They will likely come for our guns before much longer, and I believe that is the moment of action. They know this, and they will take advantage of some crisis concerning Homeland Security (increasingly broadly defined, you'll notice). Either an unexpected crisis or one they facilitated that is covertly manufactured. They will use this "crisis" to declare martial law, to disrupt and control our communications and transportation, and to confiscate our guns.

Fewer and fewer people trust the government or the media to talk to us truthfully any more or with our best interests in mind, and a great many of us will see through the "news" we are told and the justifications offered for martial law and gun confiscation. That's when we will "see the whites of their eyes", and until then we need to keep our powder dry and our preparedness vigilant.

We must prepare internally and externally for this, and create informal networks of like-minded individuals locally. At this time, these informal networks are preferable to organized ones in many ways, less visible and defined, and therefore less easily crushed or disrupted.

We are many millions strong, and we have much more to fight and die for than those they will send against us. People in similar situations have resisted and often won against such en-slavers throughout history. We should study their strategies, their tactics, and their attitudes, as well as those of our would-be en-slavers.

I will not live too many more years in any event. I do not wish for it, but I am not afraid to die or to be ruined in such a struggle. It would be an honor. The fact that there are enough of us who feel that way, may give them pause, and prevent their boldness and hopefully thereby, prevent the need to ever enter into such armed conflict that could certainly be avoided if possible. However, if it is not possible to avoid, if they force the issue, we must be prepared to act before we are disarmed. This is the sole reason for the Second Amendment of the Constitution, which I swore to defend.

"Every man dies. Not every man truly lives."


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