Monday, May 18, 2009

Video Report of Mexican Rape Monuments Along the Immigrant Highway

By Chuck Ness

To set things up for the video at the end of the article, I need to take you back to February 23, 2009 when Arizona State Senator Jonathan Paton (R-Tucson) invited law enforcement officials to the Capital for a hearing. 

 Paton asked the officers to describe how bad the border violence has become in Arizona. What the Senators learned, was that Pima and Cochise counties were seeing an alarming increase of more and more "Rape Trees".

These "Rape Trees" are memorials, or as I prefer to call them, "Mexican Rape Monuments". These monuments are left behind by Mexican drug cartel members, and illegal male immigrants who have raped illegal female immigrants and then forced their victims to hang their clothes, usually panties or bras, on trees along the trails to America

With seized weapons on display, the officials described to the  Senate Judiciary how border violence plays out in human smuggling, home invasions, rapes, auto thefts, and kidnappings.
Most of these pictures were taken by "Minuteman Border Patrol" volunteers. 

After they have had their way with the women and young girls, the rapists force them to hang their panties or bras, on the trees as a sign of their conquest. On this trip the Minutemen found only 3 such trees, the last trip they found 4. Now that may not seem like a lot, but you must remember that the Sonoran Desert encompasses 120,000 square miles in Arizona, California, and Mexico. That makes for a lot of rape trees that may never be discovered, because the areas are off limits to Americans. 

Now I'm not sure when it happened, but the video my report was about was removed by YouTube, but they have one problem, I still have it on my HD, so here is the video along with my original report. I did add something at the end of the report to reflect what we know about the border crossings today.

**( since I wrote this report the number of immigrants coming through the border has multiplied by thousands of illegals the Obama administration refuses to stop. Only God knows the number of women and girls being raped along the way that we will never ever know of )**

Check out this video report on the "Rape Trees"


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