Friday, February 10, 2012

To Get Re-Elected, Obama Has Decided to Eliminate 1.2 Million More Americans From Labor Statistics

It's an election year, and the MSM wants to make sure Obama looks good. So they will repeat any lie the administration feeds the public without ever pointing out the truth. So when the administration released the news that America has added 243,000 new jobs in January, and that the unemployment rate fall to 8.3%, instead of questioning it, they repeat it as fact.
The problem is that the MSM is not reporting that the number of people out of work who fell off the benefit rolls. See, the government reports are written to make politicians look good, and Obama needs to look good. So instead of reporting that the administration just arbitrarily dropped 1.2 million unemployed Americans from the unemployment statistics, the MSM is euphoric that Obama has improved our economic situation in America.
However, they do not report that the administration just dropped 1.2 million Americans from the statistics as if they do not even exist any longer.
That is the largest absolute jump in 'Persons Not In Labor Force' on record ... and the biggest percentage jump in thirty years. At this rate, Obama just has to drop a million more people between now and November, and by the time Americans enter the voting booth, unemployment will have dropped below 7% without adding one job.

not in labor force january 2012

Persons not in the labor force, numbers from Bureau of Labor Statistics. Click image to see full size.

The graph here proves the president and the MSM are not being honest with us. Unfortunately, unless they are given the charts by the media, most Americans will never have a way to know the truth. Plus, the vast majority of Americans will never even look for facts that might prove the politicians and media are being dishonest with us. After all, why would a man, who we are told by the MSM is the smartest, most honest to ever walk amongst us, actually lie to us? Yet he is telling lies, and the graphs and numbers prove it. I repeat, it's an election year, and the left needs Obama re-elected to continue its assault on capitalism so they can continue enslaving Americans into socialism.
How do they do it you may ask. Well one way is to convince Americans that the economy is improving, and who would want to change horses in the middle of a stream if the economy is improving.
Another way is to continue their class warfare assault on the very segment of society that hires Americans, the rich. Then we also see that all of a sudden the MSM is reporting that there are less Americans who are homeless. Less homeless Americans means more Americans are living a better life. So regardless of the fact that a record number of Americans are having their homes foreclosed on them, we have less people living in the streets.
One more thing, with all this robust improvement in the economy, its time to raise taxes on the segment of society that is supposed to be creating this great economy Obama claims we have. He even claims that Jesus Himself would tax the rich to help the economic improvement to continue. Never mind that Jesus never once told His followers to look to Herod for help, nor did He ever tell Herod to raise taxes on the rich.

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To Get Re-Elected, Obama Has Decided to Eliminate 1.2 Million More Americans From Labor Statistics


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